Montana 2019 Session Ends: Here’s the recap

Poster-Killing My Future

Governor Bullock holds the line

Governor Bullock, the popular Democratic Governor of Montana and Presidential candidate, vetoed several NRA bills this year. However, the Republican legislature blocked any progress on gun safety laws. All gun control bills died in committees before reaching the floor for a full vote.

The Bills

NRA gun bills vetoed by the Governor

👎 House Bill 325 and 357 would have prevented local communities from making gun ordinances.
👎 House Bill 226 would have given gun ranges an exemption to property taxes, even though they are for-profit organizations.
👎 House Bill 304 would have allowed Montana legislators to carry guns.

Gun sense bills that failed

👍 House Bill 480 and the similar HB 477 would have required guns to be stored properly in a safety box.

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