Minnesota: Upcoming committee hearing on gun related bills

Tipping point for the NRA

The Minnesota Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee will hold a hearing on Tuesday, January 21 to take testimony on four firearm bills. Two of the bills to be heard are gun control bills. The other two oppose gun safety.

The NRA urged their members to show their presence at the meeting, and if unable to attend, to contact their State Senator.

The Bills

  • Senate File 434 would require background checks for all transfers of firearms between individuals. This would prevent the sale of guns on the street to criminals who shouldn’t have them. 👍
  • Senate File 436 would allow the filing of Extreme Risk Protection Orders. These allow a Judge to remove guns from a person who is a dangerous to themselves or others. 👍
  • Senate File 72 is a “stand-your-ground” bill. It would allow anyone to shoot and kill another person if they feel threatened. 👎
  • Senate File 748 would eliminate the requirement for a permit to carry a firearm. Anyone, including criminals, would be allowed to have guns on them with no license required. 👎


The Committee meeting will be on Tuesday, Jan 21 at 1:00 pm. The location will be 214 East Howard St, Hibbing, MN. If unable to attend please contact your Minnesota State Senator.  Ask the Senator to support SF 434 and SF 436. Also, to oppose SF 72 and SF 748.