Massachusetts: Important hearing on gun violence prevention

The Massachusetts Joint Committee on Public Safety has scheduled to hear sixty-eight gun related bills on Wednesday, August 28.

Below are a few highlights of the numerous bills scheduled for testimony.

The Bills

  • S.1388 and H.2045 would require a detailed analysis of MA crime gun trace data to better understand the origins of crime guns. 👍
  • H.2092 would require that their be a complete background check at a gun dealer for all gun sales in the state. 👍
  • H.2096 and S.1361 would ban all 3D printed weapons and “ghost guns”, which are undetectable by metal detectors. 👍
  • H.2095 would close a loophole in the large capacity magazine law that currently exempts guns manufactured before 1994. 👍
  • H.2093 and S.1360 would require gun owners to possess liability insurance. 👍
  • H.2091 would require live firearms practice in order to obtain a firearms license. 👍


Please attend the Joint Committee on Public Safety hearing Wednesday. The Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence requests attendees meet at the State House on August 28, at 8:30 AM, in room A-2. The hearing takes place at 10:00 in the same room.