Maryland 2019 Session Ends: Here’s the recap

One gun safety bill signed into law

Only one gun safety bill passed the legislator and was signed into law by Governor Hogan. It will improve background checks by requiring the loan of a gun pass a background check, just like when a gun is sold. Other gun safety bills failed to pass the Maryland Assembly. Concerned citizens advocating for gun control measures, need to contact their legislators next year.

The Bills

Gun safety bill signed into law

👍 Senate Bill 346 and House Bill 96 will require a loan of a gun pass a background check, just like a sale.

Gun safety bills that failed in the Assembly

👍 House Bill 786 and Senate Bill 737 are both the same. They would ban the private sale or gift of long guns including assault rifles.

👍 Senate Bill 441 and House Bill 468 would mandate the locked storage of guns.

👍 House Bill 740 and Senate Bill 882 would outlaw the making and possession of 3D printed guns.

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