Maintenance men. Make sure you get the address right.

In Lake City Florida on June 2, 2022, a maintenance man got a call to help a resident with a key broken in the apartment door. This was at the Windsong Apartments. Apparently, he made a mistake and went to the wrong apartment. He was in the process of removing the lock when shots were fired at him.

Naturally in Florida, when you hear someone fiddling with your front door, you pull out your gun and start shooting the door. The police found the maintenance man outside the door having been shot four times. The door had seven bullet holes in it.

Six people live in the apartment. It’s a good thing for the family that it wasn’t one of their children trying to get in after going out and forgetting their key.

Fortunately, the maintenance man is expected to make a full recovery.

Channel 4 CBS Gainsville