Maine Info: Disappointing results for the 2019 legislative session


We thought the fantastic success of Democrats in the 2018 midterm election would result in new solid gun safety laws this year. Yet many Democrats, including Democratic Governor Mills, turned down these measures. A somewhat weakened “Red Flag” bill was the only gun violence prevention law that passed out of nearly a dozen that failed.

Notable gun control bills that failed involved safe storage, waiting periods, universal background checks, and limiting assault weapons ammunition rounds.

You can respond. Our partner website,, tabulates legislative votes on gun bills in every state. You can see here a score card of your legislators to help you vote for better gun safety legislators in the next election.

The Bills

NRA bill signed into law

  • LD 79 will allow gun range noise within 100 yards of buildings, as long as the gun range was there before the building.👎

NRA bill that died

  • Legislative Document 533 is a stand-your-ground bill that would allow the shooting of another person if someone feels they are threatened.👎

Gun safety bills that passed

  • LD 1811 is a weakened “red flag” alternative. It allows police to take into custody, anyone they or medical health professionals deem dangerous. Their guns can be confiscated until a judge reviews the case.👍

Gun safety bills that died

  • Legislative Document 379 would require the safe storage of guns.👍
  • Legislative Document 516 would establish an annual statewide voluntary free firearms collection program.👍
  • Legislative Document 747 would require background checks on all sales of firearms.👍
  • Legislative Document 1099 would establish a waiting period of 72 hours before receiving a purchased gun.👍
  • Legislative Document 1276 would ban the private sale or loan of guns.👍
  • Legislative Document 1569 would require serial numbers for all firearms.👍
  • Legislative Document 1071 would limit the magazine capacity of assault weapons to 10 rounds of ammunition.👍
  • Legislative Document 1312 would create an “extreme risk protection orders” process. Also called a “red flag” law, it would allow family members or police to request of the court that guns be removed from the possession of a dangerous person.👍
  • Legislative Document 1470 would allow local communities to enact gun restrictions at public proceedings and polling places. Current preemption laws remove all local discretion to restrict guns.👍
  • Legislative Document 489 would have eliminated the gun range exemption from noise restrictions.👍