Louisiana – Two Bills to Expand Gun Proliferation Before House

The Louisiana House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee, oblivious to risking gun injuries or deaths, voted for gun proliferation when they passed House Bill 602 and Senate Bill 402. Both bills will now go to the House Floor for a full vote.

  • 👎House Bill 602 would allow concealed handguns to be brought into any school or school bus if the person has a permit.
  • 👎Senate Bill 402 would allow churches to use anybody with a concealed carry permit to act as armed security. Training would only be required if insurance companies required it.

Please help keep children safe in schools. Make a quick call to your state Representative and ask them to oppose HB 602 and SB 402 to help keep guns out of schools.

Enter zip code at The League of Women Voters to find your representatives and senators.

Others would appreciate your feedback on experiences contacting legislators.