Louisiana – Legislature adjourns, but Governor could still sign two NRA bills

Tipping point for the NRA

The Louisiana Legislature has ended its 2018 Legislative Session. This year, they passed two NRA bills which will become law if Governor Edwards signs them.

Bills That Could Still Pass

  • 👎House Bill 602 would allow concealed handguns to be brought into any school or school bus if the person has a permit.
  • 👎Senate Bill 402 would allow churches to use anybody with a concealed carry permit to act as armed security. Training would only be required if insurance companies required it.

NRA Kills Many Good Bills

The NRA is boasting to their members that during the 2018 session, they were “instrumental in killing”.

  • 👍Senate Bill 274 would have banned youth under 21 from purchasing assault weapons. This loss for the gun safety of Louisiana was by a margin of 21 to 9. So, youth will still be able to buy assault weapons before an age when they can buy a glass of beer.
  • 👍House Bill 277 would ban anyone under 21 from buying an assault weapon.
  • 👍House Bill 400 would set a ten-day waiting period to buy a gun.
  • 👍House Bill 473 would ban bump stock devices.
  • 👍House Bill 736 would ban assault weapons or semi-automatic weapons that hold more than ten rounds.

Please contact the office of Governor John Bel Edwards (225-342-0991) and ask that he veto Senate Bills 602 and 402.