Louisiana Info: Preemption bill fails

NRA Voter Trends Worrisome to the NRA

A Victory for local community freedom

Image guns in your schools and at community events. Then image that your community was prevented from prohibiting the guns. Wouldn’t you want the option of a local ordinance prohibiting guns in certain places? Preemption laws prevents this. Only your state of Louisiana, influenced by the NRA, can make laws restricting guns.

The intention of this NRA bill was to tighten up Louisiana’s current preemption laws. Apparently, they discovered a loophole with which local communities succeeding in making their own gun restrictions. The House passed the bill, but fortunately it died in Senate Judiciary B Committee.

Of course, the NRA stated reason for preemption is not gun safety. Their purpose is to unify gun laws for the convenience of gun owners.

The Bill

👎 House Bill 281 would have strengthened the centralized state control called preemption. It would take away the freedom of communities to make their own gun restriction ordinances.
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