Louisiana – House Committee Hearing Many Gun Bills Monday

Guns on Table

Here is your chance to make a big impact with one phone call.  On Monday (4/17), the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee will be considering seven gun related bills. Five of the bills are gun control measures and two expand gun proliferation.

The Bills

  • House Bill 277 would ban anyone under 21 from buying an assault weapon.
  • House Bill 400 would set a ten-day waiting period to buy a gun.
  • House Bill 473 would ban bump stock devices.
  • House Bill 736 would ban assault weapons or semi-automatic weapons that hold more than ten rounds.
  • House Bill 852 would close the gun show loophole by requiring a background check at a firearm dealer for all transfers of guns.
  • House Bill 602 would allow any school employee to bring their guns to school if they have a concealed handgun permit.
  • House Bill 412 would allow anyone to carry guns around without any government permits or background checks.


Please take a minute out of your day and join our effort to fight NRA power. Call the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee (225-342-2409) and ask them to support HB 277, HB 400, HB 473, 736 and HB 852. Also, ask them to oppose HB 602 and HB 412.