Louisiana – A Big Gun State Considering Two Sensible Bills

The sad state of gun laws in this country may be turning if these two bills in a big gun state are an indication. This week, the legislature will have hearings on two gun control bills.

The Bills

Senate Bill 185 would bring back the right of communities to make some of their own gun ordinances. For example, a town would once again be able to ban guns from a park. This ability was taken away with “preemption” laws.

Senate Bill 491 would ban bump stock devices. These devices turn semi-automatic weapons into automatic weapons.

Action Needed

Please join us in fighting to stop the shootings. Call the Senate Judiciary B Committee (225-342-0654) and ask them to support Senate Bill 185.

Also, if you haven’t done so yet, please call your state Senator and ask them to support SB 491. Bump stocks are only used to increase the deaths during a mass shooting.

You can find contact information for your representatives and senators at The League of Women Voters.