Kansas: Legislature passes restrictions on the Governor to protect the public

Abolish the NRA Sign

The Kansas Legislature passed resolution HCR 5025 that the Democratic Governor may veto. The Republicans expect the veto to be overwritten by the overwhelmingly Republican Legislature

The bill

  • HCR 5025 prevents the Governor from protecting the public from COVID-19 by preventing the Governor from closing gun stores during the emergency. This prevents the Governor from temporarily limiting exposier to the virus.

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Kansas: Gun stores to stay open, ignoring public safety

Democratic Governor Laura Kelly didn’t include gun stores in the businesses that must shut down during the pandemic emergency. She ignored public safety for two reasons:

  • The purpose of closing businesses is to stop the virus spread. Every type of business she leaves open increases the spread of the virus.
  • Gun groups try to frighten citizens into fears of public panic. The subtle message they use is, you need a gun to protect your family from those desperate for food. Now is the perfect time to frighten the public to buy more guns, but they need the gun business to churn away as normal to sell those guns.

March 22, 2020

Kansas: Resolution passes that ties Gov hands from quelling civil unrest

This week, the Kansas legislature passed a resolution to stop the Governor from taking away guns. The Republican legislature says they are trying to allow citizens to protect their homes from coronavirus unrest.

The Legislature has now officially adjourned and is planning to reconvene on April 27th.

NRA strategy

No doubt, the gun group influenced the legislators to take this vote. Of course, they disregarded statistics on the effectiveness of home defense and the dangers of guns in the home. Legislators are simply influenced by the NRA to help sell more guns with no thoughts of gun safety.

The bill

  • House Committee Resolution 5025 removes any authority of the Governor to remove weapons or ammunition from anyone or suspend or limit sales of ammunition. 👎 Dislike