Iowa: Bill to allow guns in cars on school grounds before the full Senate

The full Iowa State Senate will be voting on a bill to allow loaded guns be in the car when picking up children at school. The guns could be on the seat where children could get ahold of them. The adult with the guns could get distracted and forget they were left open for the children to find.

The NRA alerted their members to call their State Senators and ask for support of this bill. Concerned citizens should make a quick call to counter the pro-gun fanatics.

The Bill

  • Senate File 116 would allow parents to pick up children from school while they leave their loaded guns openly available. No longer would the guns need to be locked up. 👎


Please call or email the office of your State Senator. Ask him or her to oppose SF 116. Children should be kept well away from loaded guns.

  • To find your representative and senator’s phone and email, enter your address at Who are My Representatives.
  • Make sure you include your full name and address. Adding simple message from the heart is powerful. Keep it simple and make it personal if possible.
  • See our Advocacy page with legislator contact suggestions.
  • Comment on this alert at Stop Gun Madness.