Iowa: Bill is with committee to take away community freedom

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A preemption bill to take away local freedom to restrict guns is before the House Public Safety Committee. The bill would also prevent any restrictions on gun ranges, such as location and noise restrictions.

The NRA told their members to contact the committee members and urge them to support this bill. Concerned citizens should at least send an email to the chairman asking for opposition to this bill.

The Bill

  • House Study Bill 615 would protect gun ranges from any kind of local restrictions such as for loud gun noise late at night. The NRA calls these restrictions “burdensome” for the gun range. They have no care for how burdensome the noise is on residents. The bill would also strengthen preemption laws in Iowa. These laws prevent communities from making any kind of local restrictions on guns. 👎


Please email the office of Representative Jarad Klein, Chairman of the House Public Safety Committee ( Urge the committee to oppose House Study Bill 615 to allow local communities to maintain some control over guns and gun ranges.

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