Indiana: Two bad gun bills are before the full House

student protest

A “make my day” bill and an allow guns in churches bill are both before the full House for a vote. The first is scheduled for a vote on Thursday (2/07). The second will be voted on in the near future.

Both bills are pushed by the NRA and members have been asked to call their Representatives. We need to offset their calls with our own calls from Indiana residents.

The Bills

👎House Bill 1284 would allow a defendant to claim justified use of force in defense of shooting someone.
👎House Bill 1643 would 1) Allow guns in churches. 2) Eliminate fees for licenses to carry handguns. 3) Increase the duration of a handgun license from 4 to 5 years.


Please make a quick call to your State Representative. Ask for opposition to H.B. 1284 and H.B. 1643 to maintain firearm regulation.

  • Enter your zip code at The League of Women Voters to find your representatives and senators.
  • Leverage the impact – forward this on to another gun sense advocate.