Illinois: Veto Session to consider FOID identifications

Needlessly Ruining America

A special veto session of the Illinois General Assembly will likely consider a gun control measure to close several loopholes in the Firearm Owner Identification Document (FOID card) process. The sessions are scheduled for Oct 28, 29, 30 and Nov 12, 13 and 14.

The bill, AB 1966 already passed the House and is with the Senate for consideration. Should they pass it, the bill then goes to the Governor for final signature. He has already said he’ll sign it.

I found out that the NRA is mobilizing their members to contact their Senators. Also, they’ve organized a lobbying effort at the State House on Tuesday [10/29] at 9:30. They are expecting hundreds of members to show up and advocate with their State Senator. This is the time for concerned citizens to take a moment and contact their State Senator.

The Bill

  • SB 1966 would strengthen the FOID card with requirements like fingerprinting which would close several loopholes in the process. It would prevent the private sale or gift of weapons. Currently, private sales don’t go through a background check. 👍


Please call or email the office of your State Senator. Ask that they support SB 1966 to help secure the identification of FOID card members and to help prevent gun violence.

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  • See our Advocacy page if you’d like guidelines in contacting your legislator.