Illinois: FOID improvement bill blocked by gun groups

Lives are more important than guns

Recently, Illinois gun pushing groups barraged legislators fighting gun safety bill SB 1966. Firearm Owner Identification Cards (FOID) are like a driver’s license for guns allowing the owner to possess a gun. The groups, who as usual, fight any improvements in gun violence prevention, alerted their members to attend a mini-lobby day at the Illinois State House. They were nervous fearing a vote on SB1966 in this abbreviated special veto session. Their showing paid off as the outnumbered gun control groups. Either few knew to show up or cared to show their concern.

The good news is that the bill is still alive. A vote is possible in the Senate anytime in 2020. If approved, the Governor will follow suit. You’ll still have your chance to feel a sense of participation in fighting the gun fanatics next year. I will monitor the bill and alert subscribers when to act.

The Bill

  • SB 1966 would strengthen the FOID card with requirements like fingerprinting which would close several loopholes in the process. It would prevent the private sale or gift of weapons. Currently, private sales don’t go through a background check. 👍