Illinois Alert: Firearms card improvements bill gets final touchups

Thought you were pro-life sign.

Improves the FOID and stops private sales

AB 1966 passed both the Illinois House and Senate. The Senate is now considering changes made by the House. The bill improves the Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID card) and helps prevent gun exchanges among gang members. It would stop Chicago gangs from avoiding background checks. As usual, the NRA and other gun groups are fighting this bill because it would inconvenience gun owners. Once again, for them, convenience beats gun violence prevention.

The Bill

 👍 AB 1966 would strengthen the FOID with requirements like fingerprinting closing loopholes in the process. It would prevent the private sale or gift of weapons. Currently, private sales avoid background checks.
Tracking Bill Progress: bold=passed, italics=location
In the House—>In Committee—>On House Floor—>Passed Chamber
—In the Senate—>In Committee—>Back On Senate Floor—>Passed Chamber

—After Passage—>On Governor’s Desk—>Governor Signed—>Becomes Law


A quick phone call is very effective. Please call or email the office of your state Senator.  Urge him/her to support SB 1966 to make Chicago safer from gang violence.

  • To find your representatives and senators, enter your zip code at The League of Women Voters.
  • From the Indivisible Guide 2.0: Coordinated calls. Calls are a light lift, but can have an impact. Organize your local group to barrage your MoCs [legislators] with calls at an opportune moment about and on a specific issue.

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