Guns kill, as when an innocent bystander dies

Two men fist fighting

Two men lost their tempers causing an escalating argument at a Detroit liquor store February 1. The result, two men died including an innocent bystander.

Many argue that guns don’t kill. People kill. But guns act like a small fire when you pour gasoline on it. Both accelerate the fury and the worsen the human destruction.

The two men at the liquor store lost their tempers towards each other. The altercation, probably sparked off by an insignificant event soon to be forgotten, but it soon got out of hand. The suspect retrieved a metal pipe from his car and hit the victim. The victim grabbed a metal pry bar from his work bag and raised it to defend himself.

We expect injuries, or even death from a physical altercation like this one. What happened next was worse. The suspect pulled out a gun and shot the fellow fighter killing him. In the process, he shot an innocent bystander killing him as well. This was a man who provided care for an elderly woman.

The two men fought, probably sparked by a minor annoyance. It escalated between the two with tools that endangered both. The stupidity of the two in this type of situation could result in harm to each other. But by introducing a firearm to the equation, the men endangered all others within range of their bullets.

Sensible gun regulation inconvenience gun owners, but their inconvenience is a small price for them to pay to save lives.