Guess who pays for medical expenses when the witless shoot themselves

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

In most states, the witless can now carry guns with no training or license. We pay the cost of their medical bills through eventual insurance increases. I say, anyone who carries a gun must pay more for their medical insurance. Why should I pay more for my medical insurance to cover the cost known risky gun ownership by ignorant people? They go to the hospital, then and we all pay the cost.

Case in point. on Thursday, a man in Dunwoody Georgia shot himself. His injuries are non-life-threatening, but he ended up in the hospital. We pay the costs for his stay there.

His stupidity extended beyond shooting himself. pistol.  The article states that at first, he claimed someone else shot him. The police were quick to ferret out the truth. While adjusting his pistol, he accidentally fired the pistol, hitting himself.