Grandmother called her grandson daily, now he’s dead

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An Atlantic Journal-Constitution article tugs at our heart. Four-year-old Miyell Hernandez loved his toys. He lined them up to see and play with them while in the bath or asleep. As the grandmother, April Griffin, drove to work most everyday, she said, “We talked all the time. I never felt that kind of love before.”

On Sunday, February 27th, Miyell’s mother left him in the car while she entered a grocery store while Miyell played in the car with two friends. Somehow the children found a gun to play with. Later the grandmother and mother both said they didn’t own a gun. The source of the gun hasn’t been determined.

Miyell shot himself. The police called it an accident. This incident is not an accident because accidents are unavoidable. Leaving a loaded gun unloaded with a child is avoidable. The person responsible should be held accountable.

Miyell died at the hospital later that day. The family is devastated by the loss.