Florida Info: Judge overturns preemption violation punishments

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A setback for the NRA

Florida’s preemption law, passed in 1987, bars cities and county officials from regulating guns more strictly than the state does. Following that law, in 2011, the NRA managed to push through a law that set various penalties for official who try to establish local gun ordinances.

Local governments challenged the law after the Parkland High School shooting. On Friday, the Leon County Circuit Judge found the penalties violated the constitution on a series of grounds. The NRA annoyance shows in their statement: “…local governments have no legal authority to defy the will of their creator: the state.”

From CBS Miami

Dodson’s ruling did not strike down the underlying 1987 law — known as a “preemption law” — that prevents cities and counties from passing gun regulations tougher than state laws.

But the ruling affects the 2011 changes that created a variety of penalties for violating the preemption law. For example, under the 2011 law, local officials could face fines up to $5,000 and potential removal from office. Also, members of the public and organizations could receive damages up to $100,000 and attorney fees if they successfully sued local governments for violations.