Florida: Unusual for four Republicans to vote for gun violence prevention

No More Funerals

Marion Hammer, the former NRA President who is the NRA’s chief lobbyist in Florida, is upset. Four Republicans on the Senate Infrastructure and Security Committee approved the gun safety measure. She called these Republicans RINOs (Republican in Name Only).

Hammer asked, “Why are Senate Republicans doing [Michael Bloomberg’s] bidding? You can ask them:” Then she gave the emails of the four Republicans. This was so gun proponents can express their anger.

The Bill

  • SB-7028 would require all gun sales at a gun show pass a background check. Private sales outside of a gun show, would be checked differently. The seller would ask the buyer some questions and fill out a form. The form would be notarized and kept by the seller in case the weapon was used in a crime. 👍


Gun control supporters can support the three Republicans on the committee who voted for gun safety reform. They certainly would appreciate the support.

Tom Lee            850-487-5020    Lee.Tom@flsenate.gov
Keith Perry        850-487-5008    Perry.Keith@flsenate.gov
Ed Hooper         850-487-5016    Hooper.Ed@flsenate.gov
Travis Hutson    850-487-5007    Hutson.Travis@flsente.gov

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