Florida 2019 Session Ends: Here’s the recap


This year, the Florida legislature remained a roadblock to passing gun safety laws in Florida. No gun violence prevention bills made it out of committee for a vote on either floor. Unfortunately, two NRA bills passed into law. The two will allow teachers to carry loaded weapons and impose fines communities that attempt to pass local gun restrictions.

One bright light was a petition to put an assault weapons ban on the 2020 ballot. It received the required 103,000 signatures. From the Miami Herald.

The Bills

NRA bills that passed into law

  • Senate Bill 7030 and companion HB 7093 will modify the Guardian Program to allow trained teachers to arm themselves with loaded guns. 👎
  • House Bill 829 will impose fees and fines on local communities when they try pass gun restrictions to protect their community from gun violence. 👎

NRA bills that failed

  • HB 403/SB 1238 would have allowed guns in churches. 👎