Federal: Winning the House creates an opening for gun reform

Sign saying to end NRA

After the NRA lost big in the House during the 2018 interim election, we finally have an opening for #gunsense legislation.

New Opening

Congressman by themselves, will be powerless next year to enact new laws; although, they can vote for smart gun bills. Such a bill will force Senators to vote on gun violence measures.

What essentially turned the tide? The NRA struggled and found only $16.4 million to support midterm candidates. Conversely, Everytown contributions enabled $30 million in funding to get nearly 80% of their candidates elected.

From the Boston Globe:

…we witnessed the dwindling political influence of the National Rifle Association and the rise of politically savvy gun violence groups like Everytown for Gun Safety.

Yes, it’ll be tough to get any gun legislation that the Democratic House approves past a Republican Senate, much less win President Trump’s signature. But passing legislation in the House has value and will put pressure on senators up for reelection in 2020 to act.

What’s important now is that the Democrats start putting some dents in the NRA’s armor and build momentum toward more far-reaching reforms like reinstating the assault rifle ban.