Federal: House Democrats win against the NRA over the Violence Against Women Act

This week, the NRA lost their fight against the reauthorization of the Federal Violence Against Women Act. NRA objections were raised to the inclusion of abusive boyfriends and prevent those under restraining orders from purchasing guns. Since a primary unspoken objective of the NRA is to facilitate more gun sales, they unsuccessfully pressured lawmakers to oppose the bill.

Here’s a short Youtube video of Debbie Dingell’s impassioned speech all while Republican unrestrained booing cuts into her limited speaking time.

Summary from the New York Times:

The provisions would close the so-called boyfriend loophole and bar those under a restraining order or who were convicted of abusing, assaulting or stalking a domestic partner from buying guns. The N.R.A. seized on the new measures and warned Congress that it would track and publish how lawmakers voted, hoping to intimidate Republicans and Democrats in Republican-leaning districts.