Federal: Universal Background check improvements passed the House

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2021 Federal active gun legislation
HR 8 Background checks – improving to check everyone
HR 1446 Background checks – improving to close loophole

Universal Background check improvements passed the House

March 11, 2021

  • HR 8 passed the House. It requires unlicensed and private sales of firearms to pass a background check. Currently, no background check is required at a gun show. This would close big oversight.
  • HR 1146 passed the House. Currently, if a background check is slow, the purchaser can buy a gun anyway if the delay is up to 3 days. This is called the “Charlestown loophole” after Dylan Roof purchased a gun using this loophole.

Both bills passed the House of Representatives today. They now move to the Senate, where the Republicans, under the thumb of the NRA, are expected to vote against the bills. Fortunately, with the Democrats in control, the Republican must go on record and vote these bills up or down. The NRA will be watching and alert their members to contact their Senator at the appropriate time.