Federal: Dems right out of the starting blocks with gun reform legislation

The new Democratic majority in the House is about to blow through the complete blockage by the Republicans against gun safety bills, at least in the House. Despite the Senate’s expected roadblocks, Republican in the House and the Senate must go on record with a vote.

With national attention on the Democrat’s first bills, the well-known Gabby Gifford will testify Tuesday at 4:30 PM on H.R.8 which would close the gun-show loophole. Gun shows currently don’t require background checks on gun purchases.

From Giffords:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Mike Thompson (Calif.) — who heads up a Democratic task force on gun violence — will join Giffords in introducing the bill, which will be dubbed “H.R. 8” in honor of the Arizona Democratic lawmaker.

Giffords nearly died in the Jan. 8, 2011, shooting in Tucson, Arizona, which left six people dead and 15 wounded. She resigned from Congress in January 2012.