Federal: Marc Rubio advocates a weak “red flag” law


Republicans, under pressure to do something about gun safety, are looking for ways to seem like they hear the frightened majority. Consequently, Florida Senator Marc Rubio wrote to the New York Times Friday favoring a weak “red flag” bill.

These laws allow a process that families and authorities can request a judge to remove guns from a dangerous person. But Rubio wants to water down the effect of the law. To do this, he would make it a felony to falsely accuse someone of being dangerous. The result would be to cast a chilling effect on anyone hoping to reduce gun violence risks. Fearing an unsuccessful accusation and the resulting jail time, and then possibly retaliation from the already risky person, would wipe out any benefit of the law.

So, Republicans, led by Senator Marc Rubio, might allow a small crack in the blockade of gun violence prevention laws. But their supposed concern won’t fool Democrats this time.

From the New York Times

The laws do not infringe on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners. In order for a state to be eligible for funding under our proposal, it would be required to enact strong due process protections and include a felony penalty for false reporting.