Delaware: Assault weapons ban mysteriously dies

The Mom’s Demand Action leader, Sarah Stowens, understandably expected success with bills to ban assault weapons. The bills, backed by Democrats with a 4-2 majority in the Senate Executive Committee, failed in the end to pass out of committee. Democratic Senators McBride and Poore switched their position at the last minute aligning with Republicans. Apparently, the larger crowd of gun fanatics at the hearing influenced the law makers.

From Delaware State News:

After a nearly identical bill to ban assault weapons was blocked in the Senate Judicial Committee last year, Sen. McBride (D), who decides what bills go in which committees, told multiple media outlets he planned to place another such proposal in a different committee. By doing so, he could basically guarantee it would get to the floor.

Sarah Stowens, leader of the Delaware chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America said: “Sen. McBride promised he would get these bills to the floor and he went back on that promise, and I think it’s important to keep that in mind as we go forward.”

The Bills

👍 Senate Bill 68 would have banned almost all semi-automatic weapons.

👍 Senate Bill 70 would have banned semi-automatic magazines from holding more than 15 rounds of bullets.

👍 Senate Bill 82 would have required training and a permit to purchase guns in Delaware.

Tracking progress of above bills: bold=passed, italics=location
—In the House—>In Committee—>On House Floor—>Passed Chamber
—In the Senate—>In Committee—>On Senate Floor—>Passed Chamber
—After Passage—>On Governor’s Desk—>Governor Signed—>Becomes Law

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