Cop defending his home is shot by another cop

Many homeowners puff up their ego and buy a gun thinking they can defend their home. Little do they realize the risks.

On Saturday night, January 29, a man robbed a convenience store in Vancouver, Washington. Officers managed to stop the fleeing suspect by using spike strips. The suspect fled the car on foot.

Shortly after that, he pounded on the door of an off-duty officer claiming his car had broken down. The officer tried to detain the suspect and a struggle began in the driveway. Somehow the officer lost control of his gun and received several stab wounds. Next, the officer managed to recover his handgun and pursued the suspect towards the house.

Meanwhile, the police arrived on the scene. They saw a man running with a handgun, so one of them shot the homeowner dead, a cop with a wife and two children.

If a trained cop cannot defend their home, why do other homeowners think they can?