Come to Massachusetts – the greatest state

Are you worried about your future? Come live in the State of Massachusetts. Just look at the rankings below and see why Massachusetts is the best place to live.

Gun safety laws

Among the strongest gun safety laws. Giffords
The second lowest gun death rate. CDC


Three of the top five liberal arts colleges. US News
The best public schools in the US. Forbes
The best State for 8th grade reading scores. The Balance
The highest IQs. USA By the Numbers

Business, Employment and Wealth

The best business environment. US News
The 5th best employment. US News
The 2nd wealthiest. Chamber of Commerce


The 5th longest life expectancy. CDC
Good protection for abortion access. Yahoo News
The 5th best ranking for health care access. US News
The 8th best based on quality of life. US By the Numbers
The 3rd lowest prevalence of mental illness. Mental Health America

Environmental Protection

The 5th best environmental protections. US News


The 8th best city for culture (Boston). Travel and Leasure


The most liberal State in the country. World Population Review


The 13th highest happiness ranking. USA by the Numbers

LGBTQ Rights

The 8th best for LGBTQ rights. Best Places