Colorado 2019 Session Ends: Here’s the recap

Teacher with Protest Sign

A successful year

The legislature passed and the Governor signed into law, a “red flag” bill. This is a big step for Colorado, traditionally a gun rights state. In the defeated words of the NRA, “Despite the thousands of emails and calls that lawmakers received from NRA members and Second Amendment supporters, House Bill 1177 was passed and signed into law.”

In addition, three terrible NRA bills were defeated in committees in January.

The Bills

Gun safety bill signed into law

👍 House Bill 1177 will create Extreme Risk Protection (red flag) orders. They will allow families and certain other individuals to request that guns be removed from a dangerous person and not returned for a year.

Active NRA Bills that died in committees

👎 House Bill 104 would have allowed concealed gun license holders to bring guns to any school.
👎 House Bill 1021 would have removed the limitation on ammunition that an assault weapon magazine can hold, currently at 15.
👎 House Bill 1022 would have extended the stand-your-ground laws to businesses.

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