Child negligence called, “just a tragic, sad situation”

Thought you were pro-life sign.

More often than not, when an adult leaves a loaded gun lying around children, negligence is called simply a tragedy. A 3-year-old, living near downtown Detroit, shot himself on Friday and prosecution is unlikely.

It happened when a relative visited her family and took off her jacket. She placed the jacket down in the presence of a 3-year-old child. The relative withdrew into another room to be with the mom.

Located in the jacket was a loaded gun neglectfully left unlocked where the young child could easily find it. The child found the gun. Maybe the child was snooping around, or the gun fell out on its own. It doesn’t matter. The child is at risk in any case.

The child found the gun and shot himself. The police chief called it just a “just a tragic, sad situation.” and “We need your prayers that the baby survives.” He reminded people to lock up their weapons, but no action has yet been taken to prosecute the family member.

These childhood gun shooting will continue until the laws are changed. Careless firearm owners must be trained, licensed and required to lock up their weapons. Those who neglect to secure their guns away from curious children deserve punishment. Maybe they feel sorrow. But maybe just chalk-it-up to a tragic accident.

Source: Wwj News Radio