California Info: Updated status on active gun bills

March for our lives sign

The California legislature has recessed for the summer and will return on August 12. The Senate Appropriations Committee to hear two bills at that time.

Senate Appropriations Committee to hear

  • Assembly Bill 1669 would increase the Dealers Record of Sale fee for gun sales. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 1254 would prohibit bobcat hunting. 👍

Placed in suspension file

Work is suspended on the following bills. After the summer recess, work could resume at any time.

  • Assembly Bill 12 would initiate a “red flag” type bill called gun violence restraining orders (GVRO). They would allow a procedure for family and authorities to remove the guns from a dangerous person. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 61 would expand the listed types of people who can initiate a “red flag” restriction.  👍
  • Assembly Bill 879 would require sales of unfinished gun parts go through a licensed dealer. 👍
  • Senate Bill 61 would limit all forms of firearm purchases to one gun a month. 👍