California: Status update on several gun bills

Abolish the NRA Sign

AJR 5 passed the legislature this past week. This resolution urges the Federal Government to enact gun laws similar to California laws. AB 1669 is still being considered and two other bills were sent to the suspension file. This means they are probably tabled for the year.

The Bills

  • Assembly Bill 1669 would increase the Dealers Record of Sale fee for gun sales. 👍
    Rescheduled to Aug 19
  • Assembly Bill 1254 would prohibit bobcat hunting. 👍
    Sent to suspense file.
  • Senate Bill 172, would improve the existing gun storage laws. 👍
    Sent to suspense file.
  • Assembly Joint Resolution 5 would request the Federal Government enact gun laws for the whole country that resemble California’s laws. 👍
    Resolution passed