California: Governor’s deadline is Sunday (10/13) for gun control bills

18 century laws

Governor Newsom must sign nine gun control bills before Sunday for them to become law. Further support from gun reform people is needed to support him against gun fanatics who will be contacting him.

The NRA sent out an alert to their members to call or email the Governor urging him to veto these bills. He needs to know that those favoring stronger gun violence protection laws are willing to make the same effort as gun proliferation supporters. We need him to sign all of these gun reform bills. We will keep you updated with the results of the Governor’s actions.

The Bills

  • Assembly Bill 61 would expand the listed types of people who can initiate a “red flag” restriction. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 879 would require sales of unfinished gun parts go through a licensed dealer. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 893 would eliminate gun sales at the Del Mar fairgrounds. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 12 would extend the duration of gun violence restraining orders (GVRO) from one year to up to five years. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 1254 would prohibit bobcat hunting. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 1297 would allow authorities to increase the fee for a concealed carry permit. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 1669 would increase the Dealers Record of Sale fee for gun sales. 👍
  • Senate Bill 61 would limit all forms of firearm purchases to one gun a month. 👍
  • Senate Bill 172, would improve the existing gun storage laws. 👍


Please call or email the office of the office of Governor Newsom ((916) 445-2841). Ask for support of AB 12, AB 61, AB 879, AB 893, AB 1254, AB 1297, AB 1669, SB 61 and SB 172. These bills are critical for reducing the gun violence in California.

  • To find your representatives and senators phone and email, enter your address at
  • See our Advocacy page if you’d like guidelines in contacting your legislator.