California: Governor signs eight significant gun control bills into law

I was pleased to find out on Friday (10/11) that Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law seven significant gun control bills. This is a significant development in the improvement of gun safety in this country, but particularly in California. Hopefully other states will follow California’s lead. Congratulations to Gavin Newsom, the California Legislature and the people of California.

Those who made the calls and sent the emails to their legislators can feel especially proud that they made a difference. I sent emails as these bills progressed to California subscribers through the summer months. If you contacted a legislator, it probably seemed to them like thirty other people believed the same thing.

After the signing, Gavin Newsom said: “Gun violence is an epidemic in this country, one that’s been enflamed by the inaction of politicians in Washington. While Washington has refused to act on even the most basic gun safety reforms, California is once again leading the nation in passing meaningful gun safety reforms.”

In addition to the passage of these bills, Governor Newsom and the Legislature invested heavily in this year’s budget on gun violence prevention programs such as community education, and outreach programs for at-risk youth.

Added to the budget as well is funding for firearms research at the University of California, Davis. Research funding is needed because the NRA managed to put funding restrictions on the Federal Government for research on firearms research. They didn’t want the discovery of effective gun safety measures to interfere with their gun sales.

The Bills

  • Assembly Bill 61 will expand the listed types of people who can initiate a “red flag” or Gun Violence Restraining Order from just family and law enforcement officials. It will include teachers, employers and co-workers. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 879 will require sales of unfinished gun parts go through a licensed firearms dealer. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 893 will eliminate gun and ammunition sales at the Del Mar fairgrounds. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 12 will extend the duration of gun violence restraining orders (GVRO) from one year to up to five years. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 1297 will allow firearms dealers to set the fee for a concealed carry permit based on the dealer’s expenses. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 1669 will require ammunition dealers at gun shows be subject to the same regulations as gun dealers. It will also increase the Dealers Record of Sale fee for gun sales. 👍
  • Senate Bill 61 will limit semiautomatic assault weapons purchases to one a month. Those under 21 won’t be able to purchase assault weapons at all. The law will become effective in July of 2021. 👍
  • Senate Bill 376 will close some loopholes that allowed large numbers of guns to be sold by unlicensed street dealers. It caps sales by unlicensed dealers to five sales a year with a total number of firearms limited to fifty. 👍