California: Support needed for bills in their final stage

Right now, many gun related bills are progressing through the legislature. The NRA knows this is a critical time. They just asked their members to call their legislators urging them to vote down these bills.

Your legislators want to hear from you as well. Please take a few minutes to neutralize NRA political power and help keep California number one in gun safety laws.

The Bills

Bills before the full Assembly

  • Assembly Bill 61 would expand the listed types of people who can initiate a “red flag” restriction. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 879 would require sales of unfinished gun parts go through a licensed dealer. 👍
  • Senate Bill 61 would limit all forms of firearm purchases to one gun a month. 👍
  • Senate Bill 172, would improve the existing gun storage laws. 👍

Bills before the full Senate

  • Assembly Bill 12 would extend the duration of gun violence restraining orders (GVRO) from one year to up to five years. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 893 would eliminate gun sales at the Del Mar fairgrounds. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 1254 would prohibit bobcat hunting. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 1297 would allow authorities to increase the fee for a concealed carry permit. 👍
  • Assembly Bill 1669 would increase the Dealers Record of Sale fee for gun sales. 👍


Please call or email the office of your state Assembly Member. Ask that he/she vote in favor of AB 61, AB 879, SB 61 and SB 172.  Also, call or email your state Senator. Ask that he/she vote in favor of AB 12, AB 893, AB 1254 and AB 1669. These bills are critical for reducing the gun violence in California.

  • To find your Senator’s and Assembly Member’s phone and email, enter your address at this website.
  • See our Advocacy page for guidelines on contacting your legislators.