Another preventable death called an accident

Unintentional gun deaths are called accidents. News readers, victims, perpetrators and their families seem to feel better with the label of an accident. They are mislabeled because they are preventable with better licensing, training and locking up firearms. They should be called murders.

In Peru Indiana on February 24, Hanna Cox, 19 sat in a car with her on-again off-again boyfriend.  As they laughed and joked, Hanna Facetimed with her mother, Mindi McKee. The boyfriend, Jeremiah Smith, started playing with his gun.

A well-trained gun owner know that you don’t play with a gun. As he pointed the gun at Hanna, it fired and killed her.

Her own mother called it an accident. This mother’s daughter died needlessly from careless gun play and she calls it an accident. The word implies that it was an unfortunate unavoidable gun accident that caused her daughter’s death. The mother prays for the boyfriend’s family.

  • Fox59