An elementary school considering metal detectors

Homeowners, under the delusion that a gun in the home makes them safer, often leave their deadly weapons unlocked. They negligently disregard that a child sees a firearm as a toy. Once found, the firearm too often leads to a deadly situation.

An 8-year-old brought a handgun to the West Philadelphia Achievement Charter Elementary School on March 31.  While in the school yard, the loaded gun in his backpack discharged. Fortunately, the gun shot missed hitting anyone.

Police questioned the child who said the gun came from their grandmother’s house. A Philadelphia Councilmember, Curtis Jones, speculated that the child brought the gun in for show-and-tell.  The school founder, Gill Phillips, said they may have to consider metal detectors for the school in the very near future.

Nobody received physical injuries from this incident, but it exemplifies the risks of a casual regard for gun safety by adults and the proliferation of firearms left unlocked in homes where children can easily find them.