About Stop Gun Madness

Helping you advocating for gun control bills

I alert gun control voters of important legislative votes this week on gun bills. The data comes from the NRA website and gun violence prevention groups in every state. If subscribed, you receive your state alerts to call your own state legislators. Togther we can improve gun safety. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Sign up to get alerts for your state.
  2. Receive timely alerts for gun bill votes this week in your state.
  3. Call or email your legislators urging them to vote for gun violence prevention.
  4. Feel you’ve helped build a safer community.

Using the NRA as a resource

NRA finances fuel great research tracking gun legislation. I suspect their legal teams in every state monitor every gun bill in every state.

Those advocating for gun reform want effective advocacy at the best moment in time. NRA members review excellent alerts. My subscribers receive the same alerts.

I take the NRA legislative alerts sent to their members and reverse the way they want legislators to vote. If they want legislators to vote “no” on universal backgroud checks, my alerts say for legislators to vote “yes” on the bill.

We’re beating the NRA by passing more laws

Last year, new gun regulation laws outpaced the new NRA laws by 45-13. That victory encouraged this year.

Check back periodically to see if we winning this year?

No money is asked

I do this project so we can enjoy America without the threat of constant gun violence. I don’t do it to enrich myself. So I don’t ask for money.

Resources I work with

Research: 👍Giffords Law Center
An excellent resource for gun legislation, current gun laws and statistics.

Company Boycotts: 👍Drain the NRA
Spreedsheets of companies supporting and opposing the gun industry. We are a movement that boycotts the gun industry, its corporate partners and targets the politicians it pays off!

Legislator Voting Reports: 👍LEAP-Forward.org
Spreadsheets of legislators and their voting records on gun bills. It covers all states and Congress. LEAP-Forward.org seeks to find and promote candidates for office who understand that gun violence is a political problem that must be solved politically, and who know that when it comes to gun safety, voters deserve a clearly stated position.

National Partner: 👍States United to Prevent Gun Violence
A grassroots network of 32 state affiliates working to make our communities and families safer. As part of our 50 State Solution to end gun violence. They support existing state-based gun violence prevention groups and bring new partners into the movement.

Delaware Partner: 👍 Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence
Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence works to reduce gun violence through public education and legislative advocacy.

Massachusetts Partner: 👍Indivisible-Rise Newburyport
Indivisible-RISE Newburyport is a fully registered chapter of Indivisible, the leading national Resistance organization. Our focus is on political action, following the Indivisible435 strategy to build electoral power in every one of the 435 congressional districts.

Massachusetts Partner:👍Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence
As an umbrella organization, the Coalition brings together organizations and institutions across MA to end the epidemic of gun violence that plagues our communities and takes the lives of so many of our citizens.
Latest Newsletter

Pennsylvania Partner: 👍Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence
Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence was founded by members of the Dor Hadash Social Action Committee following the attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue on October 27, 2018. Our mission is to advocate for legislation that reduces gun violence so that other communities will never face the devastation we have experienced.

Contact information

If you like what I do or have other comments, please email me at ted@stopgunmadness.org. Unless you are a crazy gun nut, I’ll answer your email.