A seven and a nine-year-old shoot it out in the car

The state of Georgia doesn’t require the safe storage of firearms. A parent purchases a firearm thinking they are protecting their family. They partially hide the gun thinking their own presence will stop the children from playing with the firearm.

But over the years, circumstances happen that distract the parent or take them away from the firearm and the child for a short time. Then it only takes a moment for a child to find the gun. Such a thing happened in Atlanta on Sunday, January 30.

The mother left two boys to play in the car while she went into an Atlantic area chipotle to pick up some food. During their play, they kicked something hard on the floorboard. Upon their inquisitive investigation, they found a firearm kept under the seat by the stepfather.

Somehow the 9-year-old shot the 7-year-old child with the unsecured firearm. The boys ran into the Chipotle as the younger boy bled from the ears. As of Sunday night, the boy was in stable condition at the hospital.

The police questioned the stepfather who admitted keeping an unsecured loaded firearm under the front seat. Normally, the mom didn’t use his car for errands.

The police have not indicated they will charge either adult because Georgia doesn’t require guns to be securely locked up away from children. So far this year, at least five other children have been shot this year in Atlanta. Three have died.