A one-year-old child shoots mother and sibling

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A mother and young child were shot while shopping in a Granbury Texas Walmart. The police said, “At this time, we believe it was an accidental shooting and we have no reason to believe it was anything more than that.”  Apparently, everyone now moves on with their lives disregarding thoughts of preventing similar incidents in the future.

That was the first report. It turns out from later reporting that as the mother stood outside the car, her one-year-old child found what is called a “concealed weapon” in the compartment between the front seats. How the news can report this gun as concealed is irresponsible reporting. A weapon is not concealed if a one-year-old child can find it.

So. the child finds the gun and shots their sibling and mother who is in critical condition. Those in Texas think of this as just another accident.