A jail guard is now in jail

Demo of Jail

A Marion County Florida jail guard visited a friend on Monday. The guard, Carlene Jarrett, placed her sweater on a table and shortly fell asleep. Zipped into the pocket of the sweater was a Ruger handgun.

The problem was that the sweater lay beside a sleeping boy. From statements, it appears the jail guard didn’t think it mattered because the safety was on.

The curious boy woke up looking for play items. He quickly found the handgun, an attractive play item for a young boy. While playing with the device, it fired hitting him in the hand.

The jail guard Jarrett and the mother drove the boy to the hospital. His middle finger needed to be surgically reconstructed. I must add that this medical cost will be borne by all of us.

None of the adults involved seemed to comprehend the risks avoided. The Grandmother said, “He’s fine. He’s doing fine and he’s playing, and he’s riding his bicycle, just being a normal child. His injuries? Just a graze on his hand. That’s it.”

Jarrett sits in jail where she should be. She had expected to take a test the next day to become a correctional officer. Instead, she is on unpaid leave behind bars. She faces a culpable negligence charge.

Following the incident, the Ocala police issued a message to gun owners urging them to be careful. Make sure your gun doesn’t get into the wrong hands, especially children. Nobody involved lamented that the child could have been killed.