A home is legally used for target practice and resident is nearly killed

In Florida, it is legal to practice shooting in your backyard. This may surprise you. You’ll be even more surprised to learn that you can use a neighbor’s house as target practice with no legal ramifications.

This past Sunday afternoon, in Indiantown Florida, four men practiced shooting their high-powered rifle at a berm. Shots aimed a little too high traveled into the backyard of a neighboring family. At the time, several family members, including children, were in their backyard.

A bullet hit the mother. It passed through her shoulder and out the other shoulder. Fortunately, no one else was hit. The children took cover at first. Then a friend ushered them into the house.

During this time, the shots continued. Her husband Sitton said, “I’m yelling at the top of my lungs, ‘stop you just shot my wife! Like, stop! Help! Help!’ And they just kept shooting.”

At this time, no charges will be made against the four shooters. The police felt it might be hard to determine which of the four men fired the gun because all four were using one gun.

On Monday night, the mother waited for surgery on her shoulder.