A gun shop helping you is not training

Gun shop

Ryheem Brummitt of Tempe Arizona bought a gun two weeks ago thinking it would make him safer. He played with the gun, but it kept jamming on him. So, he took it back to the gun store.

The store salesman examined it and determined it was in fine working order. While there, the employee trained Brummitt on how to load the gun properly.

Brummitt still couldn’t work the gun right. The safety mechanism of the gun gave him trouble. He and his friend late friend Devi tried to figure it out.

On Friday, January 6, Brummitt and Devi passed the gun back and forth several times as they tried different ideas. Both lacked any training beyond the gun store instructions.

This continued several times as each puzzled over the problem. The last time Brummitt passed the gun over, the gun discharged killing Devi.

Brummitt called 911. Initially he lied to the police stating that Devi shot himself. Later, Brummitt admitted that he himself sot Devi.

Witless people can buy a gun as easily as a cell phone. But mistakes by an untrained cell phone user don’t result in death.