Federal: Accidental shootings occurring on Jan 1, 2020

The U.S. House of Representatives keeps passing good gun violence prevention bills:

The Republican controlled Senate does nothing. While they ignore gun violence, I will highlight gun tragedies occurring on the first of every month.

Accidental gun shooting tragedies occur every day in America. Yet the NRA fights any attempts to legally require training and licensing to possess a gun. Below is a listing of accidental shootings from one day, February 1 2020.

Child struck by stray bullet during New Year celebration
Brownsville, Texas, From News 4 San Antonio

 A stray bullet from a high-powered rifle struck a 2-year-old child. The child was hit in the back and has a non-life threatening injury.

Beaumont woman says bullet came through her roof from New Year’s Eve gunfire
Beaumont, Texas, From 12 News ABC

Celebratory gunfire on New Year’s Eve resulted in a bullet penetrating the roof of a woman’s garage. No one was hurt.

Stray bullet from celebratory gunfire kills a Houston nurse
Beaumont, Texas, From 12 News ABC

A 61-year-old woman celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends, died from a single bullet in the neck. No one in her group fired a gun.

Cottondale woman hit by bullet during New Year’s gunfire
Cottondale, Alabama, From WBRC

A stray bullet penetrated the roof of a Tuscaloosa County woman’s mobile home and hit her in the back. She could hear celebrators shooting guns near her neighborhood. The shooting occurred shortly after midnight.

Ex-boyfriend accidently shot
Jackson, Mississippi, From WAPT

A woman heard a tapping at her window and thought it was an intruder. A man she was with fired a gun hitting the window tapper in the chest. After the shooting, she found out he was her ex-boyfriend. His condition is listed as critical.

A father and his 9-year-old daughter killed, mistaken for deer.
Colleton County, S.C., From Fox 8

30-year-old Kim Drawdy and his daughter 9-year-old Lauren Drawdy died while hunting. The shooter thought they were deer.

Man charged in shooting death of friend
Shelbyville, Tennessee, From WKRN.com

A 19-year-old man, Lanham Mancilla, recently purchased a pistol. Bringing the gun to a house party, he thought it was unloaded and pointed it at his 18-year-old friend. Mancilla fired the gun and killed his friend Riley Hancock.

Sheriff: Sarasota boy shot after finding firearm
Sarasota Florida, From Herald-Tribune

Two boys while playing found a firearm. The 12-year-old boy fired the gun hitting the 11-year-old in the cheek. He is expected to recover.

Dad Responsible for Football Star’s Death
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, From NBC Philadelphia

While demonstrating how to use two guns he gave to his 18-year-old sons and 16-year-old daughter, Aleem Gillard fired one gun killing his brother Suhail Gillard. Suhail was inside the house at the time.

Aleem Gillard had been showing his 18-year-old sons and 16-year-old daughter how to use two guns he owned when Suhail Gillard was killed inside the older man’s Overbrook apartment on Dec. 1, officials said. At the time, Aleem was showing his children how to use a firearm.

Man, accidently shot while walking the street in Detroit
Detroit, Michigan, From Detroit News

A 25-year-old man walking on Detroit’s west side heard gunshots. Feeling pain, he realized he’d been hit. He condition was serious at this time.

Deer hunter accidentally shoots driver in the neck
Pafford, N.Y., From CNY Central

A deer hunter, while shooting at a deer 150 feet from the road, hit a driver of a passing car. The driver was struck in the neck and is in stable condition at the hospital.