Washington State: Keep guns out of schools, libraries and parks

NRA Voter Trends Worrisome to the NRA

A bill to keep guns away from certain “safe-zones” is scheduled to be heard on February 11th by the Senate Committee on Law & Justice. On February 13th, the House Committee on Civil Rights & Judiciary will hear the companion bill. Also, the House Committee on Judiciary will hear a background check bill on February 15th.

The Bills

👍Senate Bill 5434 and companion House Bill 1530 would expand “safe-zones” where loaded guns would not be allowed. This would include child care facilities, libraries, public parks, and recreational facilities;

👍House Bill 1465 would require gun purchase checks be subject to the state background check. The FBI, starting July 1st, will no longer perform the NICS checks. This only applies to current those with a CPL license.


Please contact the office of State Senator Jamie Pedersen (Chair) at (360) 786-7628. Ask to have your opinion registered with the Senate Committee on Law & Justice as supporting SB 5434 to keep schools and parks safe from guns.