Oregon Info: Republican’s no-show defeats violence prevent bill

Oregon state Senate Republican’s boycotted legislative sessions for the last several weeks of the yearly session. Democracy not being a priority for Republicans, they managed to block numerous bills approved by a Democratic majority. They only returned on the last day of the yearly session, June 30, upon agreement there be no votes many good bills; one being SB 978, a wide ranging gun safety bill.

The Bill

Senate Bill 978 would have done the following:

  • Allowed gun dealers the option of not selling to under 21.👍
  • Required the safe storage of guns.👍
  • Required the reporting of gun thefts.👍
  • Restricted minors from using guns.👍
  • Banned the home manufacture of firearms.👍
  • Allowed local government entities to restrict guns from public buildings.👍
  • Increased concealed handgun license fees.👍